Uwe Drose -

(electric & acoustic guitars)

Born in Berlin - 1957. My father used to play the guitar in the army. I started to play on his guitar by the time I was ten years old. I tried to play some Beatles tunes and some strange music by an early Pink Floyd, which I heard on the radio. Since Berlin was occupied in those days, I was exposed to a lot of American music and also to Radio Luxemburg.

I formed an experimental band called 'Detonation' at the age of 14. By that time I heard of the name 'Nektar', a German band, and tried to copy what they did. We gigged at youth clubs, and we went down quite well considering our tender years. In those days I went from one band to another. Band names changed like the weather! Those were the early 70's. In those days I also discovered bands like Camel, Genesis and Yes and Led Zeppelin, and they were my formative influences. I was also heavily influenced by keyboard orientated artists like Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno. I always liked chill-out/atmospheric soundscapes and still do. I have in fact recorded several ambient  CD’s  in collaboration with Robert Warner who was the leading light behind ‘The Beyond’.

In 1977 I moved to England. I formed a band called 'Relay' in 1980. We put out a single called 'In Release' and gigged extensively. I gigged around the country with various outfits. In the late eighties I joined Quasar and gigged the UK. I helped form Landmarq way back when, and have played /recorded with a variety of artist's like John Wetton (King Crimson, Asia), Pete Gee (Pendragon), Elevation (Thomas Dolby, Jah Wobble), Hugh Lloyd Langton (Hawkwind), Kooch (Cyrus Khajavi, 'Worldmusic'), Brian Willoughby (Strawbs), Hugh McDowell

(ELO), Clive Nolan (Strangers on a Train, Arena), Bob Daisley (Bridges) -- no relation --, Laurent Hunziker (saxophone with Supertramp).

Through Landmarq and other bands/artists, I’ve supported artists such as Marillion, Focus, Suzi Quatro, Greenslade, IQ, Jadis, Arena, Ken Hensley, Threshold and a myriad of other Progressive Rock outfits.