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LANDMARQ E-News #113; 24th Jun 2016


1. New Website Launched


LANDMARQ are pleased to announce the launch of the bands new website. This is a complete re-design and has been somewhat streamlined compared to the previous site, most of which will be archived for the time being. Hope you like it. See the attached Poll and let us know (Poll is at the Yahoo Group).


2. Where's #111 and #112


Some of you may be wondering what happened to LENL newsletters #111 and #112. Well, we thought we'd try something a little different when Tracy sent a video postcard from Australia way back in early 2015. This was posted to Youtube, Facebook and directly on the Landmarq website News page (but not here in the LENL) and treated as Landmarq E-News #111. A video reply was then made by Mike, Uwe and Steve and similarly posted as Landmarq E-News #112. You can see these videos right here.


3. New Landmarq Material


Yes, we're working on new material though can't say any more than that at the moment. Hopefully a new album for next year...?

Cheers for now,


LANDMARQ E-News #111; 14th Feb 2015

1. LANDMARQ IN 2015 - Pt. 1 - Message from Down Under.

Tracy Hitchings previews Landmarq events in 2015

LANDMARQ E-News #112; 1st Mar 2015

1. LANDMARQ IN 2015 - Pt. 2 - Message from Blighty. Landmarq's singer, Tracy, recorded a message from down under in Australia for New Year, so we thought that us left here in good old England should definitely post a reply :)

LANDMARQ E-News #114; 1st Mar 2017


1. Landmarq Status Update


Just a quick note, folks, to say we’re still here!
Tracy is now settled ‘down under’ and is getting to grips with a bunch of recording software so that she can send her ideas back to the UK, whilst the rest of the band work on things here to send over to Oz.

Well, that’s the theory! The plan is to put out some new material as and when ready… as they say: watch this space.