Mike Varty -

(producer / keyboards / piano / violin / vocals)

Mike is best known for his internationally popular work on the progressive music scene, where he is regarded as a technical and keyboard 'wizard'. He received the award for Best Keyboard Player from the UK’s Classic Rock Society in 2013.

In addition to Landmarq, Mike has a whole catalogue of recordings to his name with bands including Shadowland, Credo, Infinite Sunday, The Mighty Rooster and the multi- award winning Janison Edge.  He regularly tours UK, Europe and worldwide with these bands, as well as with Mick Pointer's early Marillion show and DeeExpus.

Mike also runs Gargoyle Studio where various projects have been produced, most recently the live Landmarq release, new material with Credo and the recent debut CD from Infinite Sunday – a jazz chill-out project he has also been involved with in recent years. Mike has a particular talent for arrangement and production which draws heavily on his classical music training and natural musicianship.   He has produced several albums and other projects, as well as lending his production skills to assist other bands.  He has also written and produced the soundtrack for cult films Foiled, Fluffy the English Vampire Slayer and the recent spoof blockbuster Big Chimp; and provided original music for a number of cartoons and shorts. The music originally recorded for Fluffy the English Vampire Slayer has just been remastered and re-released in 2013 as Espresso Requiem by Noscaferatu.

Mike is a classically trained pianist and violinist, who started studying at the age of 4; he also has a degree in electronics; both of which give him the broadest technical and compositional expertise to underpin his extreme musicianship.

Links to Mike's other bands/projects:

Credo | DeeExpus | Janison Edge | Shadowland | Infinite Sunday | The Mighty Rooster | Mick Pointer’s Marillion / Script for a Jester’s Tour | Noscaferatu | Mike’s MySpace | Gargoyle Records