"Entertaining Angels" is the band’s fifth studio release following a gap of no less than fourteen years, since 1998's "Science of Coincidence". The lengthy absence has been due to various health issues and personal commitments, but "Entertaining Angels" brings them back to the spotlight in tremendous form. A first-run ‘Special Edition’ pressing of the new album features a bonus CD of additional songs and this beautifully crafted package is receiving excellent feedback and reviews from both the media and a very loyal and strong fan-base plus a steadily increasing number of new listeners discovering Landmarq for the first time.

"...a triumph...full of power and passion..." - Geoff Barton, Editor, 'Classic Rock' magazine, UK.

"...Without doubt, "Entertaining Angels" is the strongest album of their career..." - Nick Shilton, 'PROG' magazine, UK.

"...What has set Landmarq's seal has been an ability to appeal to the diehard Progressive audience who demand musical gymnastics, and also to a more mainstream crowd who want accessibility ..." - 'Classic Rock Presents Prog' magazine, UK.

"...With "Entertaining Angels", Landmarq not only live up to the quality of their back catalog, they exceed it..." - Jeff Matheus, Prognaut.com, USA.