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Tracy Hitchings
(Lead vocals)


Tracy Hitchings, known as the Queen of Neo Prog Rock, is an English musician and lead vocalist for the progressive rock band Landmarq. Her musical credits span from 1989 to the present day and have had many notable sessions with various bands and artists. Hitchings is known for her charismatic stage presence and wide vocal range. Tracy Hitchings

Tracy Hitchings started her recording career at the age of 14 for a local radio station. Tracy’smusicalcareer began in St Mawes, Cornwall, in the very south east of England, near Lands End and was drawn to the music scene of London, where she found herself working live and recording with the below mentioned. Tracy won the Best International Female Singer for the Classical Rock Society in 1995 and 1998.

Tracy has recorded and performed in many bands during her career, such as Quasar, Dancing on Stones (Blue Heat), Clive Nolan, Oliver Wakeman (Alchemy, Jabberwocky & Hounds of the Baskerville (Rock Operas), Gandalf, Steve Hackett (ex Genesis), Karl Groom, (Threshold), John Jowitt (IQ) and Martin Orford (IQ), Mike Stobbie, Rick Wakeman (Yes), Peter Banks (Yes), Bob Catley (Magnum), Tony Fernandez, Robert Powell (Actor), Hugh McDowell (ELO), Laurent Hunziker (Supertramp), Damian Wilson (Threshold) and of course Landmarq.
Tracy has toured with John Wetton (King Crimson, Asia, Roxy Music), Nick Turner (Hawkwind), Focus.

After a long break through illness, Tracy came back with Landmarq which kicked off with the new critically acclaimed studio album Entertaining Angels, followed up by their first live DVD Thunderstruck Live, Aftershock Live, Turbulence (Live in Poland), Origins in 2014. The title track on “Origins” gave a sneak preview to the new material for their next studio album, currently being written. Roadskill was recorded live in De Boerderij in The Netherlands in 2015.

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Tracy Hitchings - Full Discography
(all selections lead and/or backing vocals)
Includes other commercially released recordings plus non-released recordings of notable interest.
(Note: inclusion in this list does not guarantee availability of items)
Listings in chronological order:-
Band/Artist Title Label/Cat. no. Year Details (where known)
1. Quasar 'The Loreli' Q Records 1989 Keith Turner's prog outfit which included Dave Wagstaffe, Uwe D'Rose & Steve Leigh. Recorded in London, England.
2. Strangers On A Train 'The Key' SI Music
1990 The first album to be released on the Dutch SI label. Produced and written by Clive Nolan with Karl Groom (Threshold). Recorded in Surrey England.
3. Tracy Hitchings 'From Ignorance To Ecstacy' SI Music SIMPly 6 1991 Tracy's own solo debut CD written & produced by Clive Nolan with Karl Groom, Dave Wagstaffe. Recorded In Berkshire England. (Re-issued on Verglass VGCD016)
4. Gandalf 'Gallery Of Dreams' Sony Music
1992 CD album recorded in Vienna and featuring Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis).
5. Teri Refnes n/a n/a 1992 Tracy flew to Stavanger, Norway, to work on an album of pop-rock songs written and produced by Teri Refnes. Sadly contractual disagreements have halted the albums release.
6. Strangers On A Train 'The Labyrinth' SI Music
1993 Sequel to 'The Key'. Nolan, Groom, Hitchings. Recorded in The Netherlands.
7. Ulysses 'Neronia' Pyramusic CD1001 1993 Debut album by German prog band produced at Thin Ice Studio. Tracy came in for some vocal appearances. Recorded In Surrey, England
8. Peter Gee 'Heart of David' SI Music
SIMPly 36
1993 Music & Lyrics by Peter Gee, Produced by Clive Nolan (Arena) & Karl Groom. Appearances by Nick Barrett (Pendragon), Uwe D’Rose (Landmarq). Recorded in Surrey, England.
9. Gandalf 'To Our Childrens Children' SI Music
SIMPly 66
1994 Recorded in Vienna, Austria.
10. Blue Heat/Dancing On Stones n/a n/a 1994 Taking over from Damian Wilson, written with Dave Sparrow, Karl Groom. Also featured on Channel 4 TV's 'The Big Breakfast'. Recorded in Hampshire and Surrey, England.
11. Landmarq The Vision Pit
SI Music SI3073-2 1995 As featured guest artist. Recorded in Surrey.
12. Pendragon Masquerade Overture Toff Records 1995 Find some info (Nick Barrett). Recorded in Surrey
13. John Jowitt Uneasy Listening (Dirt Box) Aubitt 78201 1999 Collaboration between John Jowitt (IQ)
Martin Orford, Matt Goodluck. Recorded in south of England.
14. Landmarq Science of Coincidence Synergy SYN002
(Re-issued on Cyclops
CYCL 120)
1998 Landmarq fourth album. Track list: Science Of Coincidence, The Vision Pit, Heritage, Summer Madness, Lighthouse, Between Sleeping And Dreaming, More Flames For The Dancer, The Overlook. Recorded in Arena Studio, Docklands, London. Produced by Mike Stobbie.
15. Oliver Wakeman and Clive Nolan 'Jabberwocky' Verglas
VGCD 014
1999 Concept album based on the classic story featuring a host of well-known Prog artistes.
16. Landmarq 'THUNDERSTRUCK'
Live CD
CYCL 120
Synergy SYN003)
1999 First live album from Landmarq. Track list: Pinewood Avenue, Intro/Solitary Witness, Science Of Coincidence, Tailspin
, The Overlook, Between Sleeping And Dreaming (incl. 'Reprise' from 'Suite: St. Helens'), Borders, Summer Madness. Recorded in Wyspianski Theatre, Poland.
17. Landmarq Thunderstruck Belle Antique
MAR 00542
2000 Japanese release for the bands live album by Tokyo-based label 'Belle Antique'. Track list as above.
18. Clive Nolan and Oliver Wakeman Hound of the Baskervilles Verglas 2002 Rock opera – Clive Nolan, Karl Groom, Oliver Wakeman, Arjen Lucassen, Peter Banks, John Jowitt, Tony Fernandez, Peter Gee and Robert Powell (Actor). Recorded in Surrey, England.
19. Landmarq Infinity Parade CYCLOPS
CYCL 117
2002 Second album. Re-issued with re-designed cover.
Track list: as for original release above plus Bonus track: Borrowed Mind. (Check if TH ON). Recorded in Surrey, England.
20. Landmarq AFTERSHOCK
Live CD
CYCL 124
2002 Landmarq's second live album - the sequel to 'Thunderstruck'.
Track list: The Vision Pit, Heritage, After I Died Somewhere, Medley: Ta Jiang/Narovlya, Lighthouse, Embrace.
21. Landmarq 'TURBULENCE -
Metal Mind Productions
MMP DVD 0062
2006 First DVD from Landmarq filmed in Katowice, Poland, in November 2005. Lots of bonus material included.
22. Landmarq 'TURBULENCE -
Metal Mind Records
2009 Concert from the 'Turbulence' DVD.
Track Listing: 1. Entertaining Angels; 2. Calm Before The Storm: i) Strange But Beautiful, ii) Spiderman, iii) From The Abyss; 3. Prayer; 4. Thunderstruck; 5. Walking on Eggshells; 6. Landslide; 7. Timeline; 8. Mountains of Anglia; 9. Lighthouse.
2012 Includes Bonus CD (SYN006)
Guest artistes include Hugh McDowell (ELO) - cello, Laurent Hunziker - saxes
24. Clive Nolan Alchemy Verglas 2013 Rock Opera, live DVD & CD in Poland. CD Recorded in Surrey
25. Landmarq Entertaining Angels Plane Crazy
2014 Very Special Edition released as a vinyl 2-LP set
26. Landmarq ORIGINS - A Landmarq Anthology 1992-2014 Synergy Records
2014 Double CD anthology featuring some of the best songs from Tracy Hitchings and Damian Wilson. Recorded in Surrey, England.
27. Landmarq RoadSkill – Live in the Netherlands Synergy Records
2015 Live DVD & CD recorded at De Boerderij in The Netherlands


Label / Cat. no.
SI 10th Anniversary Compilation Disc SI Music SIMPly 7 1991 First-ever CD featuring Landmarq. This compilation from the bands first record label in Holland features the abridged version of 'Suite: St. Helens'
SI (Germany) Compilation Disc Too SI Music SIMPly 22 1992 Features track not used for first album studio album 'Solitary Witness', entitled: 'Borrowed Mind'. This track was later included on the Japanese release of 'Infinity Parade'.
SI Music Sampler 'Progressive & Melodic Rock Vol.1' SI Music SIMPly 24 1993 Features 'Terracotta Army'.
SI Music Sampler 'Progressive & Melodic Rock' Vol.3 SI Music SIMPly 49 1994 Features 'Gaia's Waltz'
Classic Rock' (promo only) compilation CD SI Music SIMPly 10001 1994 Features 'Embrace'
Mellotron 20 CD Sampler 20 1998

Compilation CD from 'Mellotron' magazine (Argentina) featuring 'The Overlook', taken from 'Science Of Coincidence'. (Other bands featured include The Flower Kings and Collage).

Music From The Underground sysy CD-0398 1998 Compilation CD from German magazine ‘Eclipsed’ (Pink Floyd/Art Rock specialist). Features track ‘The Vision Pit’ from CD ‘Science Of Coincidence’.
ProgAid -
All Around The World
F2-2005035 2005

Not a Landmarq track, as such, but a CD single released in aid of the victims of the 2004 Tsunami disaster. Featuring many Prog-based artists including Tracy, Steve and Dave from Landmarq plus other artists including Neal Morse, Ant Phillips, Oliver Wakeman, Pete Trewavas and others.

The Hawke Chill-Out Sessions n/a 2006 CD compiled by radio presenter and DJ Terry Hawke with artists he has featured on his show on Harborough FM Radio. Includes the track ‘Heritage’ from the live CD ‘Aftershock’.
Mellotron 35 -
Decimo Anniversario
CD Sampler 35 2006 10th anniversary compilation CD from 'Mellotron' magazine (Argentina) featuring 'Thunderstruck (live)', taken from 'Turbulence - Live in Poland'. (Also included are Steve Hackett, Frost, Magenta and others).


Tracy's Biography | Tracy's Discography

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"Deep in the woodland she goes - the girl the world hardly knows"
("Gaia's Waltz" from CD 'Infinity Parade')

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