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"...They say the best things in life are worth waiting and that’s certainly the case as far as Landmarq is concerned...In my humble opinion it’s not just a great prog album; it’s a great album per se..."
Geoff Feakes, DPRP, Holland. Nov 2012

“…I can only congratulate Landmarq on such an outstanding band performance and highly recommend it to all…”
Uli (Magic Dragon Music), Germany. 26/02/2012
"...Without doubt, "Entertaining Angels" is the strongest album of their career...”
Nick Shilton, 'PROG' magazine, UK - March 2012
"...a triumph...full of power and passion..."
Geoff Barton, 'Classic Rock' magazine, UK May 2012
(Personal Universe), I think my jaw actually dropped for real!…What a fantastic voice, with a beautiful tone, such clarity and warmth. Whats more, the song is a cracker, with excellent playing and production.
Ron Birch, UK. 02/03/2012
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Selection of reviews from the 'Thunderstruck' and 'Aftershock' live CDs plus
reviews of various shows from Landmarq live in concert.

"...Landmarq have a smooth, melodic, progressive rock sound...good musicianship all round with one of the best female vocalists on the prog scene..."
Live review at Underworld, Camden, London, 11th March 2004, Robert Allen (Rock Society magazine, issue #144)
" could say I'm a relative newcomer to their music, but that don't mean I don't know a good thing when I hear it and having caught up very quickly, now class myself as a true convert..." 
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Steve Gould review of Landmarq's show at The Robin 2, Bilston (UK), 6th July 2003. 
"...Tracy Hitchings has an amazing voice, and it really impressed me to hear her sing live...guitarist Uwe D’Rose played very smoothly and his solos gave me goose bumps..."
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Marcel Hassie review of Landmarq live at 'Plato', Helmond, Netherlands, 31st October 2003.
"...This six-track live album...provides an opportunity to hear interpretations of After I Died, the sumptuous Embrace, as well as a thrilling instrumental medley of Ta Jiang and Narovlya..." 
Nick Shilton, Classic Rock Magazine (UK), Issue 50, February 2003. Review of 'Aftershock' CD.
"...The fact that the guys had been playing together for many years certainly show as they have a total understanding of what they are about and with Tracy giving it her all, this captures one of the UK's most under-rated prog bands at their best..."
Kev Rowland, Feedback Magazine (UK), Issue 73, March/April 2003. Review of 'Aftershock' CD
"...Landmarq is in many ways the most interesting and original neo-progressive band of the decade..."; "...Tracy Hitchings vocals are great, strong and interesting, no whining here..."
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Reviews from Editorial Team and customers, 'Thunderstruck', 2000-2002
"...Plenty of punchy percussion and sweet guitar...there's much cheery neo-prog, sometimes veering to harder rocking..."
Tim Jones, Record Collector Magazine (UK) Issue 277 Sep 2002. Review of 'Solitary Witness' and 'Infinity Parade' re-issues on GFT-Cyclops. 
"...This ('Thunderstruck') is a well worthy live album, one of the better I've heard in
a long time. It also has Landmarq's most beautiful cover up to date. Highly recommended!..."

Greger Ronnqvist (Sweden), March 2000, Yahoo Group 'Prog Reviews' #29 - 2000 (Landmarq Special - includes reviews of three Landmarq CDs)
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"...La Hitchings shines like never before during ace performances of 'Pinewood Avenue', 'Science Of Coincidence' and 'Summer Madness'. Guitarist Uwe D'Rose is master of ceremony during 'The Overlook', getting close to Dave Gilmour..."
Read full review at Progressive World website
John 'Bo-Bo' Bollenberg, Progressive World, ‘Thunderstruck' review, Jan 2000.
"Thunderstruck presents the best side of the band. The atmospheric album is a great addition to your Landmarq collection, or a great starting point for new fans.... Thunderstruck probably is the best live album of the year. 9 out of 10."
Read full review at DPRP website
Jan-Jaap de Haan, DPRP website (Holland), ‘Thunderstruck' review, Jan 2000.
"...This makes for one of the most dynamic 'live' albums I have heard in years...It was great to hear the likes of 'Borders' gracing the stage once more...So how do I summarise? Easy, panache with a capital P."
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Martin Dyas, Classic Rock Society ‘Wondrous Stories’ magazine (Issue 96 January 2000)
"...While some live albums can really only be appreciated by devoted fans, this is enjoyable in its own right and it would definitely make an ideal introduction to Landmarq..."
Read full review at 'New Horizons'
Marissa, 'New Horizons' website, Thunderstruck review 11th December 1999
"...The album effectively captures the ambiance of Landmarq's live performances - a must-listen for those that have seen the band or those that hope to someday do so. Tracy Hitchings is a wonderful vocalist with tremendous power, a wide range and a unique theatrical style not often found in progressive music."
Read full review at 'Musical Discoveries'
Russell W Elliots’ ‘Musical Discoveries’ website, 'Thunderstruck' review Jan 2000


Dutch Progressive Rock Page website 1999.
Extensive appraisal of Landmarq CD's 'Solitary Witness' and 'Infinity Parade'
as featured in their 'Counting Out Time' page as it reaches the year 1993
in the site's Millennium-prog countdown feature.

By Jan-Jaap de Haan & Derk van Mourik
Read article at DPRP website


Excerpts from a small selection of CD and concert reviews from
various magazines and websites in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world

"...same great songs and the same splendid musical achievement by all the musicians involved. If you can find the time and patience lend an ear to this heartfelt and enchanting music. Enjoy!..." Score: 9.5/10
Science of Coincidence CD review by Jeno Szoke, The Metal Observer (Canada and Germany), December 2006
(Read full review here)
"...I spent a cold winter's weekend typing this up and I enjoyed revisiting these amazing albums..."
Read full review at E.P.R.R. website
Terry Tucker, 'European Progressive Rock Reviews', extensive review of all four Landmarq studio albums, 1999
"Hitchings at the very least gives Landmarq a focal point, also bringing plenty of power and melody to their music."
Nick Shilton, ‘Classic Rock’ magazine May/June 1999 (LA2/Astoria gig review)
Album of the Month - May 1998 ( $$$$$ )
"Brilliant songs that vary from uptempo songs with mellotron and eastern rhythm patterns to Floyd-like passages in atmospheric songs. Especially the instrumental parts in 'The Overlook' and ' Lighthouse' are absolute top quality."
Read full review at Symfo-City website
Symfo-City website Symphonic & Progressive Review page (Holland) 1998
"'The Vision Pit' is a beautifully crafted album and gets better with subsequent listening..."
('Science Of Coincidence') "...If you do nothing more this year - beg, steal or borrow a copy of this album. You won't be disappointed".
Read full review at 'New Horizons'
Bryan Dray, 'New Horizons' website, reviews of 'Science Of Coincidence' and 'The Vision Pit'. March 1999
"Landmarq when performing live are individually remarkably strong. Yet their work as a group shows the high level of integration and tight close coupling found in bands that enjoy much more notoriety. Landmarq is a seriously professional act and perhaps are among the unsung heroes in the progressive rock scene.
Read full review at 'Musical Discoveries'
Russell W Elliots’ ‘Musical Discoveries’ website, Hermit Club, Brentwood, gig review March 1999
"Some pieces are very Floydian and, partially, one has borrowed from existing material…new singer Tracy Hitchings can convince with her smooth and effortless husky voice, fully and completely."
Read full review (includes original in German)
Marcel Halbeisen, ‘Eclipsed’ magazine (Germany) September 1998, "Science…’ CD review.
" ‘The Overlook’ is the records pearl…this song is a landmark of the ’90s and a grand finale of a great record – an indication of a great future placing them along with the biggest bands of the nineties".
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Andres valle, ‘Mellotron’ magazine (Argentina), ‘Science…’ CD review, July 1998.
"Although I was never very much into the music of Landmarq…I did enjoy their performance. The vocal qualities of Tracy are stunning and the band played very tight (and she’s cute as well!)".
Ed Sander, DPRP website review of Marillion support gig, Utrecht, Holland, Sept 98.
"The album easily surpasses the first and third Landmarq and ranks up close with Infinity Parade, although I think that song-wise the new album is the strongest yet".
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Jurriaan Hage, ‘Axiom’ website (Holland), ‘Science…’ CD review, January 1999.
"Landmarq has finally showed what they are capable of and this album comes highly recommended for neo-prog fans. Landmarq's newest release "Science of Coincidence" is, in my opinion, their best release to date."
Michael Mathews from Saskatoon, Canada; review for ‘Prog-Net’ website (UK). 1998.
"This kind of stuff will go down amazingly in concert, I am sure. So many things are happening; wonderful guitar and amazing keyboard solos. Not exactly new to this band, but the way they put it down to disc is high class prog!"
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Jerry van Kooten, DPRP website (Holland), ‘Science…’ CD review, 1998.
"… ‘The Vision Pit’, ‘Lighthouse’ & ‘The Overlook’ all have tremendous instrumental pieces that set up the final vocal finish. Best example is ‘Lighthouse’ where Tracy comes back in with the final verse, singing ‘Out here alone…’ with so much power and emotion."
Read full review at CRS website
Paul J. Allwood, ‘Wondrous Stories’ mag. (Oct. 98) & website review of ‘Rotherham Rocks 98’
"An album by a band that, if it were your first listen, you’d not fail to be impressed. I’m a fan and so should you be!"
Martin Hudson, ‘Wondrous Stories’ magazine CD review (July 1998)
"Tracy simply deserves to sing in a great band, which Landmarq is. I think it is a perfect combination…Again a CD which is one of the best of 1998."
Henri Strik, ‘Science…’ CD review, ‘Background’ magazine (Holland), #65 Summer 1998




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