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Complete lyrics to all main Landmarq albums to date.
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Entertaining Angels cover

Angels' (2012)
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'Science Of Coincidence' (1998)
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the vision pit
'The Vision Pit'
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infinity parade
'Infinity Parade'
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solitary witness
'Solitary Witness'

1. Entertaining Angels
2. Glowing (Pt 1-Friends)
3. Glowing (Pt 2-Lovers)
4. Mountains of Anglia
5. Personal Universe
6. Prayer (Coming Home)
7. Turbulence (Paradigm Shift)
8. Calm Before The Storm
i. Strange But Beautiful
ii. Spiderman
iii. From The Abyss
Bonus CD
1. Walking On Eggshells
2. Timeline
3. Stormbrewing (instr.)
4. Thunderstruck

1. Science Of Coincidence
2. The Vision Pit
3. Heritage
4. Summer Madness
5. Lighthouse
6. Between Sleeping And Dreaming
7. More Flames For The Dancer
8. The Overlook
1. Cutting Room
2. Pinewood Avenue
3. Infinity Parade
4. Game Over
5. All Performers Stand Alone
6. Narovlya
7. Ten Million And One
8. Bed Of Nails
9. Hanblechia (The Vision Quest)
10. Do Or Die (instr.)
1. Solitary Witness
2. Gaias Waltz
3. Landslide  (instr.)
4. Ta Jiang
5. Tailspin (Let Go The Line)
6. The More You Seek, The More You Lose
7. Embrace
8. (Living In A) Borrowed Mind
(Bonus track on 2002 re-issue and Japan issue)
1. Killing Fields
2. Forever Young
3. April First  (instr.)
4. Foxing The Fox
5. Terracotta Army
6. Freefall  (instr.)
7. Tippi Hedren
8. After I Died Somewhere
9. Suite St. Helens
10. Borders
11. Suite St. Helens
(abridged version)
(Bonus Track on 2002 re-issue)


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"If I could see the future - it's written in these tides".
("Ta' Jiang" from CD 'Infinity Parade')



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