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Artists/Bands relating to Landmarq

Title Description
Credo Landmarq's keyboard player, Mike Varty, also plays in this most excellent Prog-rock band.
Steve Gee - The Deepend In a website far, far away.... 'The Deepend' is the official website for bassist Steve Gee.
Tracy Hitchings Illustrated Biography Direct link to Russ Elliot's extensive, well-presented biography of Tracy Hitchings at his Musical Discoveries website (see above).
Laurent Hunziker Excellent French sax-player whose credits include Supertramp on their Paris concert.
Janison Edge Keyboardist Mike Varty's Prog band with Landmarq's Dave Wagstaffe on drums.
Jeanette Murphy Singer-songwriter has also opened for Landmarq. Album 'Sugar and Spice' includes Steve Gee on bass.
*ProgAID Project set up in aid of victims of the 2004 Asian tsunami disaster featuring some of the best-known names in today's Prog rock scene including Ant Phillips, Neal Morse, Magenta, Karnataka, Landmarq and many others.
Wildeve German band featuring Lili - the falsetto voice on Landmarq's 1993 track 'Embrace'.
Damian Wilson Lead vocalist from Landmarq's first three albums.


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Webzines, Radio, Info and Fan-sites, etc.

Title Description
DPRP - Dutch Progressive Rock Page Previous hosts of Landmarq's website and one of the best Prog websites on the net.
'iO Pages' Magazine Very good Dutch printed magazine for Progressive Rock that also has an extensive archive listing of back issues (issue #18 featured Landmarq).
Jurriaan Hage's Axiom Of Choice Long-established source of subjective and objective information about progressive rock music and related genre's.
Metal Observer, The Established in May 2000, The Metal Observer is a Canadian and German based webzine which has contributors and translators from around the world.
Mostly Pink All about progressive music; Pink Floyd, Yes, Camel, Landmarq and many more.
Nautilus webzine Internet-based Prog-rock magazine from Poland edited by Michal 'Orwell' Porwet.
ProgArchives Extensive resource aims to be the foremost Progressive rock website database on the net. Also includes a 'recommended albums' section with purchase facilities on-site. Website by Bob Smith featuring some very good photos (taken by Bob) from Landmarq's show at 'Rotherham Rocks 2001'.
Progressive Music Website Website by artist and art tutor, Lee Gaskin, featuring biographies, interviews with various prog bands including Landmarq. Also links to Lee's art websites.
Progressive Newsletter "...68 pages (sorry, only available in german!) with infos about what's happening in the progressive rock scene..."
The July issue (#56) contains review of the 'Turbulence' DVD.
Progressive World Progressive World includes a 'Thunderstruck' review by John 'Bo-Bo' Bollenberg (Jan 2000).
Radio Caroline RigaSteve's Progressive rock radio show is one of the latest to feature Landmarq and airs on Sky and the internet every Monday 9pm til midnight.
RocK3 Rock Radio Network Playing the latest and greatest rock music with news and reviews.
Russ Elliot's Musical Discoveries Includes reviews of a lot of Landmarq-related work like the two Strangers On A Train albums, Jabberwocky and Janison Edge.
Somethingprog Nice Prog info website from France by Jerome. Good coverage of Landmarq too! ;)
Sonicbond Online music retailer with a difference! Check it out...
Undertow Heavy Metal webzine from Bruno Van de Velde and his team.


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Other websites featuring or relating to Landmarq

Title Description Amazon's UK website features a number of Landmarq CDs plus reviews. Also see
Artist Direct (Landmarq pages) Good information source for many artists and bands including Landmarq.
Classic Rock Society Leading UK promoters of Progressive rock. Also home to the societies' magazine 'Wondrous Stories'.
F2 Music Ltd One of the main Prog-rock based labels in the UK. Also has it's own retail and distribution division.
K2 Music Ltd Fully-equipped rehearsal studio rooms based east London/Essex area. The home of 'Crash Pads'! Also sales, hire and tuition.
Metal Mind Productions

Polish music label behind the Landmarq DVD 'Turbulence - Live In Poland'.

Michelle's Fan Fiction Site Not actually prog-related; one of two websites by Michelle Gussow dedicated to 60's TV westerns. She has written a story entitled "Science Of Coincidence".
Musea (France) French-based distributors for Landmarq. Check out their catalogue at their website.


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"I want to fear but cannot hate - I want to love but only ache"
("Embrace" from CD 'Infinity Parade')


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