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Dave W. 'Moon' says hello Dave, Ken, Moon and (l-r) Dave, Moon, Andy, x and Ken Dave W,
Dave goes to Sweden with Ken (Uriah Heep) Hensley, June 2001
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Whitchurch 2000 (l to r: Uwe, Steve L., Tracy, Dave) Whitchurch 2000 - Uwe Whitchurch 2000 - Tracy, Dave, Steve G. Whitchurch 2000 - Tracy Whitchurch 2000 - Uwe, Tracy, Steve G. Whitchurch 2000 - Steve G.
The acoustic set. Whitchurch Festival 2000, Hampshire, England
(Photos by Juan Araneda)

Tracy and Steve L. (Between Sleeping...) Paulusfeesten, Belgium Aug 99 Uwe D'Rose, Belgium 99 Paulusfeesten, Belgium, 15 Aug 99 Steve's Leigh & Gee
Paulusfeesten 99, Belgium

Tracy Hitchings Steve Gee Steve Leigh Uwe D'Rose Steve Gee and Uwe D'Rose
Progheaven 98, Uden, Holland
(Photos by Henri Strik for Background Magazine)

ProgHeaven, Holland 1998 progheaven progheaven progheaven
More from ProgHeaven 98, Uden, Holland

Steve Leigh, Tivoli Theatre, Holland, 1998 Steve Gee, Tivoli Theatre, Holland 1998 (w/Marillion) Uwe, Tivoli Theatre, Holland 1998 (w/Marillion)
Tivoli Theatre, Holland 1998 (w/Marillion)

Tracy and Steve G. at CRS98 Tracy and Steve G.
Rotherham Rocks 98, UK

John Wetton, 'Chasing The Dragon' tour, Holland 1997 (with Martin Orford on keys) John Wetton 'Chasing The Dragon' tour, Germany 1997 John Wetton 'Chasing The Dragon' tour, Holland 1997 with John Wetton on the C.T.D. tour, Holland/Germany, 1997
'Chasing The Dragon' with John Wetton, 1997

Steve Leigh/Landmarq at Dagenham Town Show, July 1992 Steve Gee Uwe D'Rose with Landmarq, Tivoli Theatre, Utrecht, Holland 1998 (with Marillion) Steve Gee Steve Leigh

Almelo, Holland, 1995 Dave wagstaff at Neiuwe Pul, Uden, Holland Steve Gee (1993-ish) Steve Leigh Steve Gee

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