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A small selection showing other vocalists that have worked with Landmarq
plus other photos showing individual band members' earlier musical activities.

Landmarq 1990 with Steve Gee, Steve Leigh, Bob Daisley & Uwe D'Rose (Dave unavailable for photo-shoot) Landmarq with Rob Lewis-Jones (taken from first commercial release on SI Compilation CD - "Suite: St. Helens" - shortened version) Lili Pleininger provided vocals on Infinity Parade's "Embrace". She sings with 'Wildeve'. Chernobyl childrens benefit gig, Brentwood, 1994 (with guest vocalist Chris Mars) Chernobyl childrens benefit gig, Brentwood, 1994. (with Tracy on vocals)
Early Landmarq

Landmarq with Ian 'Moon' Gould - PlanetPul Festival 94, Holland Landmarq with Ian 'Moon' Gould - PlanetPul Festival 94, Holland Ian 'Moon' Gould (1994) On stage at Planet Pul festival, Holland, 1994 With 'Moon' on vocals at the Marquee, London, 1994 (with Pendragon)
Landmarq with Ian 'Moon' Gould

Damian in Landmarq rehearsal Taking a break from their busy schedule...? Landmarq with Damian mid-90s (composite) (photos by Milly Kusmic) Landmarq with Damian mid-90s Landmarq in joyous mood! (composite)
Landmarq with Damian Wilson

Early local newspaper clipping (Romford Recorder July 92) Various press clippings (Holland) Poster for the Planet Pul Festival 1994, Holland Poster for Xymphonia95, Almelo, Holland Various concert tickets and passes
Posters, passes and press, etc.

Dave with Keith Turner and Quasar Dave drums with Second Site (1969) Dave wagstaff early press cuttings Dave with jazz-rock band Anaconda (1977) Dave in Landmarq rehearsal
Dave Wagstaffe

Dave with Argus 1972-73 Dave with Quasar Dave with Quasar Dave with Quasar (and wings...!?!) Dave with Quasar c.1988/89
Dave wagstaff

Artemis 1974 - (l to r) Steve Gee, Colin Martin, Flynn, Steve Gibson, Jim Wright Steve Gee & Artemis - E1 Festival in the park 1973 Steve Gee with Artemis 1974 Steve Gee in rehearsal with Artemis (1972/73) Steve Gee busking with Irv Mowrey in the Paris metro, 1978/9
Steve Gee

Steve Gee apparently happy on 'Firewater'! Steve Gee (on the right) with Firewater, Harlow Country Music Festival UK, 1984 Steve Gee & friend! Firewater c.1987 Firewater c.1987 (l to r - Steve Gee, Jimmy Nichol, John O'Donnell, Billy Redif) Steve Gee plays guitar at the Parsons Company 'Open House Party', Atlanta, USA, 1998
Steve Gee

Tamarisk at The Marquee Club, London Tamarisk in the studio Steve with Tamarisk Steve with Tamarisk Steve Leigh, Quasar (photo by Julian Cull)  
Steve Leigh

Steve Leigh in Quasar Steve Leigh (top right) with Chemical Alice Steve Leigh in Landmarq rehearsal (c.1994/5) Steve Leigh, 1990 Steve Leigh in Quasar, 198?
Steve Leigh

Uwe in Quasar with singer Nick Williams Uwe with Relay, c.1983/4 Uwe with Relay, 1983/4 Uwe in Landmarq rehearsal (c.1993/4) Uwe at Planet Pul 94
Uwe D'Rose

Quasar 1987/88 - with (l to r) Dave, Keith Turner, Tracy and Toshi Tsuchia Tracy in Quasar, 1988/89 "What does this button do, guys?....Oops!" Tracy with Quasar at Belair Studios, 1989 (Keith Turner in back) Quasar in rehearsal (Dave, Steve, Keith and Toshi), Nomis Studios 1987 Tracy with Clive Nolan and Karl Groom, 1992
Tracy Hitchings with Quasar (and Clive & Karl)

Gonzalo and friends Huw Lloyd-Langton Gonzalo with Huw L-L Gonzalo with John Helliwell (Supertramp) Gonzalo with Geoff Downes (Yes, Asia, Buggles) Gonzalo with keyboard programmer Andy Thomas
Gonzalo and friends (Huw Lloyd-Langton, John Helliwell, Geoff Downes, Andy Thomas)

Gonzalo with Yes-tribute band 'Fragile' Gonzalo Gonzalo Gonzalo Gonzalo
...with Yes-tribute band 'Fragile'

More to come...

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