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Off stage, off duty, off guard, off the wall...!

composite cd book (Thunderstruck)
CD 'centre-fold'

Backstage at Paulusfeesten99, Holland Uwe at Paulusfeesten99 Backstage at Paulusfeesten99, Holland Uwe & Tracy (c-c-cold?) Steve Leigh and Tracy after Paulusfeesten99, Holland Paulusfeesten 99 poster
Paulusfeesten 99, Belgium

Jan Buddenberg - roadie Tracy, Steve L., Dave and Uwe with Joeri backstage at Paulusfeesten99, Holland Steve Gee, Paulusfeesten99 Paulusfeesten99 backstage Uwe on hearing there was no more beer at the inn! Paulusfeesten99 backstage
Paulusfeesten 99, Belgium

A day at Thin Ice Studios (around 1995-ish, at the old place!) Landmarq on the road....? Tivoli backstage with Sheryl Leigh, Jan B., J.J., Marco, and other gatecrashers! Sound engineer Steve Rispin - "Just like that!" The 'Moon' and Mister Gee...! Crew person Justin Coffey

'Moon' politely responding to the fact that it was his turn to buy a round! Landmarq with vocalist Ian 'Moon' Gould (c.1994) A rather windswept Landmarq en route to Holland (1994) Uwe with roadie Dave M. Landmarq & crew (c.1994) Soundman Steve Rispin & crewman Dave M.

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