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A list of LANDMARQ recorded product to date.
In chronological order:-

Main album catalogue
CD cover
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Title Label/Cat. no. Year Details & track listings
(where known)
1. 'SOLITARY WITNESS' SI Music SIMPly 14 1992 Debut album. Track list: Killing Fields, Forever Young, April First, Foxing The Fox, Terracotta Army, Freefall, Tippi Hedren, After I Died Somewhere, Suite: St. Helens, Borders.
2. 'INFINITY PARADE' SI Music SIMPly 32 1993 Second album. Track list: Solitary Witness, Gaia's Waltz, Landslide, Ta' Jiang, Tailspin (Let Go The Line), The More You Seek The More You Lose, Embrace.
3. 'Infinity Parade' Zero Corporation /Toshiba-EMI Ltd in Japan, XRCN-1092 1993 Second album Japanese issue.
Track list: as above plus bonus track 'Borrowed Mind'.
4. 'Solitary Witness' Zero Corporation/ Toshiba-EMI Ltd in Japan, XRCN-1191 1994 Debut album Japanese issue.
Track list: as above.
5. 'THE VISION PIT' SI Music SI3073-2 1995 Third album. Track list: Cutting Room, Pinewood Avenue, Infinity Parade, Game Over, All Performers Stand Alone, Narovlya, Ten Million And One, Bed Of Nails, Hanblechia (The Vision Quest), Do Or Die (hidden track).
CYCL 118
Synergy SYN001)
1997 Third album re-issued on Landmarq's own label, Synergy Records.
Track list: as above.
CYCL 119
Synergy SYN002)
1998 Fourth album. Track list: Science Of Coincidence, The Vision Pit, Heritage, Summer Madness, Lighthouse, Between Sleeping And Dreaming, More Flames For The Dancer, The Overlook.
CYCL 120
Synergy SYN003)
1999 First live album from Landmarq. Track list: Pinewood Avenue, Intro/Solitary Witness, Science Of Coincidence, Tailspin…, The Overlook, Between Sleeping And Dreaming (incl. 'Reprise' from 'Suite: St. Helens'), Borders, Summer Madness.
9. 'Thunderstruck' Belle Antique
MAR 00542
2000 Japanese release for the bands live album by Tokyo-based label 'Belle Antique'. Track list as above.
CYCL 116
2002 Debut album. Re-issued with re-designed cover. 
Track list: as for original release above plus Bonus track: Suite: St. Helens (abridged version - vocals by Rob Lewis-Jones)
CYCL 117
2002 Second album. Re-issued with re-designed cover.
Track list: as for original release above plus Bonus track: Borrowed Mind.
 12. 'AFTERSHOCK' GFT-Cyclops
CYCL 124
2002  Landmarq's second live album - the sequel to 'Thunderstruck'.
Track list: The Vision Pit, Heritage, After I Died Somewhere, Medley: Ta Jiang/Narovlya, Lighthouse, Embrace.
 Turbulence DVD 13. 'TURBULENCE -
Metal Mind Productions
MMP DVD 0062
2006 First DVD from Landmarq filmed in Katowice, Poland, in November 2005. Lots of bonus material included. (Details)
 Turbulence CD 14. 'TURBULENCE -
Metal Mind Records
2009 Concert from the 'Turbulence' DVD.
Track Listing: 1. Entertaining Angels; 2. Calm Before The Storm: i) Strange But Beautiful, ii) Spiderman, iii) From The Abyss; 3. Prayer; 4. Thunderstruck; 5. Walking on Eggshells; 6. Landslide; 7. Timeline; 8. Mountains of Anglia; 9. Lighthouse.
Entertaining Angels - Special Edition 15. 'ENTERTAINING ANGELS - SPECIAL EDITION' Synergy Records
2012 Includes Bonus CD (SYN006)
See website for details
Entertaining Angels 16. 'ENTERTAINING ANGELS' Synergy Records
2012 Main album due for worldwide release Nov 2012
See website for details
Landmarq - vinyl EA 17. 'ENTERTAINING ANGELS' VINYL EDN Plane Crazy
2014 Very Special Edition released as a vinyl 2-LP set
Landmarq - Origins 18. 'ORIGINS - 1992-2014' Synergy Records
2014 Double CD anthology featuring some of the best songs from Tracy Hitchings and Damian Wilson
Landmarq - RoadSkill 19. 'ROADSKILL - LIVE IN THE NETHERLANDS' Synergy Records
2015 Double-disc set (CD+DVD) Recorded/filmed live at De Boerderij, NL.



Main album catalogue
| Compilations and Samplers

A list of recorded product featuring one or more tracks by LANDMARQ.
In chronological order:-

Various compilation albums and samplers
CD cover
(click for full-size where applicable)
Title Label/Cat. no. Year Details & track listings
(where known)
1. SI 10th Anniversary Compilation Disc SI Music SIMPly 7 1991 First-ever CD featuring Landmarq. This compilation from the bands first record label in Holland features the abridged version of 'Suite: St. Helens'
2. SI (Germany) Compilation Disc Too SI Music SIMPly 22 1992 features track not used for first album studio album 'Solitary Witness', entitled: 'Borrowed Mind'. This track was later included on the Japanese release of 'Infinity Parade'.
3. SI Music Sampler 'Progressive & Melodic Rock Vol.1' SI Music SIMPly 24 1993 features 'Terracotta Army'
4. SI Music Sampler 'Progressive & Melodic Rock' Vol.3 SI Music SIMPly 49 1994 features 'Gaia's Waltz'
5. Master Volume Perfect Compilation Series Vol.5 Zero Corp. XRCN-1145 1994 Japanese compilation CD -
features 'Embrace'
6. 'Classic Rock' (promo only) compilation CD SI Music SIMPly 10001 1994 features 'Embrace'
7. Hard Rock Magazine ‘Ltd Edition’ compilation CD CNR Music 3007672 1996 (features 'Cutting Room' & 'Bed Of Nails'). French magazine sampler CD also includes Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Aragon and others. (Promotion only)
8. 'Mellotron 20' CD Sampler 20 1998 Compilation CD from 'Mellotron' magazine (Argentina) featuring 'The Overlook', taken from 'Science Of Coincidence'. (Other bands featured include The Flower Kings and Collage).
9. ‘Music From The Underground’ sysy CD-0398 1998 Compilation CD from German magazine ‘Eclipsed’ (Pink Floyd/Art Rock specialist). Features track ‘The Vision Pit’ from CD ‘Science Of Coincidence’.
ProgAid CD 10. ‘ProgAid - All Around The World’ F2-2005035 2005 Not a Landmarq track, as such, but a CD single released in aid of the victims of the 2004 Tsunami disaster. Featuring many Prog-based artists including Tracy, Steve and Dave from Landmarq plus other artists including Neal Morse, Ant Phillips, Oliver Wakeman, Pete Trewavas and others. Progaid website.
Hawke Chillout Sessions CD 11. ‘The Hawke Chill-Out Sessions’ n/a 2006 CD compiled by radio presenter and DJ Terry Hawke with artists he has featured on his show on Harborough FM Radio. Includes the track ‘Heritage’ from the live CD ‘Aftershock’.
Mellotron CD35 12. 'Mellotron 35 - Decimo Anniversario' CD Sampler 35 2006 10th anniversary compilation CD from 'Mellotron' magazine (Argentina) featuring 'Thunderstruck (live)', taken from 'Turbulence - Live in Poland'. (Also included are Steve Hackett, Frost, Magenta and others).


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"Half the world lies sleeping, the other half's a dream
- and the solitary witness is somewhere in between"
("Solitary Witness" from CD 'Infinity Parade')



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