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3. New album, new singer?
THE end of 1992 saw the recording of the second album, ‘Infinity Parade’, also for S.I., with another tour to promote it. There then followed a period of upheaval for the band when Damian was offered a very lucrative deal to join Luxembourg-based band LaSalle, who had a major recording deal behind them. The rest of the band agreed it seemed too good an offer to refuse and gave him their blessing while also realising the daunting task ahead of finding a replacement!

Numerous auditions later, the band found Ian ‘Moon’ Gould, whose powerful vocal style was rehearsed-in, just in time for a show at London’s Marquee with Pendragon and then on to Holland for the ‘2nd Uden Progressive Rock Festival’ with Steve Hackett, IQ, Porcupine Tree and many others.

‘Moon’ also took the CRS ‘Vocalist Of The Year’ award but, sadly, the marriage wasn’t to last as the good old ‘musical differences’ demon began to raise it’s ugly head. Once again, Landmarq found themselves voiceless as the third album loomed.
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