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2. Early days

IN 1991 Landmarq recorded some demos for the Dutch ‘S.I.’ label who asked the band to contribute one of the tracks (‘Suite: St. Helens’) for their tenth anniversary compilation CD. Landmarq with Damian (click to see full size)(Note: This was an abridged version, the full song being released on the bands debut album ‘Solitary Witness’). Bob Daisley had decided to return to simpler rock roots and actor-singer Rob Lewis-Jones was recruited for the recording. Rob was, however, reluctant to turn his back on his busy acting career and chose to stay with that.

It was at this point that S.I. offered the band a deal to record their debut album. Only problem was the band was singer-less! Tracy Hitchings was approached and was very keen to join but S.I., having just released her own debut solo album, thought it imprudent and vetoed the idea.

Fortunately, Karl Groom (who was brought in to engineer the album) recommended Damian Wilson with whom he was working on the Blue Heat project. On hearing Damian, the band immediately asked him if he would like to do the album; on hearing the band, Damian immediately said "yes" and got straight on with it.

Previously, he had been working with the very savory Orphic Soup as well as appearing both as a solo artist and duetting with brother Paul. ‘Solitary Witness’ was finally released in 1992 and Landmarq’s first European tour followed, after which Damian added his voice to the first “Threshold” album, no doubt helping him win the Classic Rock Society’s ‘Male Vocalist Of The Year’ award.

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