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baja poster Here be photos from Landmarq's first gig in Mexico
at 'Baja Prog 2001' held in Mexicali, Baja California,
from Wednesday 28th February to Saturday 3rd March.
Appearing across the festival overall were 17 bands
(plus a certain Mr. Nik Turner and saxophone),
comprising a total of around 120 musicians,
during four prog-filled days of music, sun, (some rain),
tequila and more tequila!
This first page features a few of the many people
who attended along with pictures of the band 'at play'.
(Apologies to the other 1,000 or so fans not included).
To see Landmarq's concert photos,
see the link at the bottom of this page.
Landmarq would like to thank all the folks in Mexico
who made 'Baja Prog 2001' a truly memorable occasion.
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Click to see concert photos by Linda E Shulman (Baja 2001)
Landmarq - The Gig Pix
Photos by Linda E Shulman

Photos by Dave wagstaff, Steve Gee and others

Landmarq chill out in Mexicali Tracy and Steve G. (Photo: Dave W.) '...Wish they all could be Baja California girls...' Landmarq ''Pass the salt...!'' (Photo: Steve G.) Landmarq in Mexicali (Photo: Steve G.)
Poolside (Photo: Dave W.) Sylvan and Eclat friends (photo: Steve G.) Sylvan's Sebastian and Marco (photo: Steve G.) Le Orme's Aldo (photo: Steve G.) Steve G. (Photo: Dave W.) Dave W.
Pam 'Fish With An Attitude' Thompson. (photo: Steve G.) Back-stage crew (photo: Steve G.) Steve G with Paco and girlfriend (photo: Steve G.) Landmarq's entourage hits town... (Photo: Dave W.) Magic Bus! (Photo: Dave W.) Michael Bennett (photo: Steve G.)
Pam Thompson with Expose magazines' Peter Thelan (Photo: Dave W.) Uwe and guys (Photo: Dave W.) BajaProg venue - Teatro del Estado (State Theatre), Mexicali. (Photo: Steve G.) Bart Plaskoff and artist Paul Whitehead (photo: Steve G.) Tracy and Fernando (Photo: Dave W.) Steve G, Dan R.


Eclats' Alain Chiarazzo (photo: Steve G.) Leonardo (Photo: Dave W.) John Collinge (Photo: Dave W.)  (Photo: Steve G.)  (Photo: Steve G.) Uwe 'pulls another bird'!! (Photo: Dave W.)
Tracy and Nik 'Hawkwind' Turner (photo: Steve G.) Nik and Tracy - a couple of real party animals!! (Photo: Dave W.) Casts' Alfonso (Photo: Dave W.) Steve G. with members of 'Eclat' Franco Fournier and --?-- (Photo: Steve G.) Uwe, Dave (Give-us-a-kiss!)
Super-stage-manager Cesar Cardenas (photo: Steve G.) Juan B. H. with ? (photo: Dave wagstaff) Eclats' sound-man Jean (Photo: Dave W.) Fans (Photo: Steve G.) Fans (Photo: Steve G.) Tracy, Uwe and Franco (photo: Dave wagstaff)
Steve L and...? (photo: Steve G.) 3 Amigos!! (Photo: Dave W.) Mark and Amy Krueger (photo: Steve G.) Gregory Boszormenyi (Stereo KFT) (Photo: Steve G.) (Photo: Steve G.) Tracy with 'bodyguards'!!!

Tracy with Pam Thompson and Peter Renfro (Photo: Dave W.) Baja California girls! (Photo: Dave W.) Dave W and Steve G Steve Leigh samples the local 'brew' (Photo: Dave W.) Steve, Steve and Uwe (Photo: Dave W.) Uwe, Pam T. (Photo: Dave W.)
 (Photo: Steve G.) Dave W. with Eclat personne (Avez vous un cuppa?) Eclat personnes. (Photo: Steve G.) Eclats' Thierry Masse (keys) (Photo: Steve G.) Sylvan: Volker OR Kay Soehl(?)  (Photo: Steve G.) Tracy and friend - dance the night away!
Casts' Francisco (Photo: Dave W.) Uwe and Tracy with Jean from 'Eclat' (Photo: Steve G.) Dave, Uwe and Steve L. chat wth Peter Renfro (Photo: Steve G.) Steve G, Giorgio and Signora Marutti (Photo: Dave W.) Casts' Rodolfo with his 'other half'. (Photo: Steve G.) Linda S.
Steve Leigh catches some rays... (Photo: Steve G.) Steve G., Tracy, Jean (from 'Eclat') Uwe - Aye aye, cap'n... (Photo: Steve G.) Dave and Tracy (Photo: Steve G.) Uwe and Steve L. - all aboard the magic bus. (Photo: Steve G.) Laura
Fans in the foyer (photo: Steve G.) Venue merchandise store (photo: Steve G.) A herd of party animals...!!! Final night on-stage presentations (photo: Steve G.) Casts' Rodolfo and Alfonso (photo: Steve G.) Final on-stage (photo: Steve G.)



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